Cammie Harbottle, Waldegrave Farm owner/farmer, will speak about sustainable local agriculture at “SustainABLE Futures – a Discussion” on Sept. 15. Other speakers will address sustainable forestry, tourism, recreation, and alternative energy. Submitted photo

A sustainable future for Tatamagouche and the North Shore?

With the impacts of climate change already evident, we recognize we must quickly change the way we live on the earth. What does that mean for us on the North Shore?

Sustainable Northern Nova Scotia (SuNNS) is hosting “SustainABLE Futures – a Discussion” to anyone interested in attending. It will be held Sept. 15, 10:30 a.m., at the Grace Jollymore Joyce Arts Centre. Presenters representing key sectors will share their present activities and visions for a sustainable future that values the environment, strengthens the community, and creates innovative jobs.

Presenters will include Cammie Harbottle, local Waldegrave Farm owner/farmer of a Community Supported Agriculture program, speaking on the potential for sustainable agriculture in our region; David Morgan, president of the Antigonish Community Energy Cooperative (ACE), sharing his experience with community-based alternative energy options; Greg Watson, manager of North Nova Forest Owners Cooperative, describing visions of sustainable forestry; and Gregor Wilson, who has worked and studied in the eco-tourism industry across Canada and internationally for 20 years. He is currently a director and operations team member at Ski Wentworth and will address the tourism and recreational potential of our region. Presentations will be followed by discussion and consideration of “next steps.”

Organizers of “SustainABLE Futures – a Discussion” emphasize that a sustainable future will happen only if we choose alternatives to continuing “business as usual.” Today, the dominant economic system sees the environment primarily as a potential resource for profit, and communities as potential markets and consumers. Too often, governments facilitate this approach with weak environmental protection. Unless we make significant choices to lower our carbon footprint, we now face the real risk of much of the planet becoming uninhabitable.

SuNNS hopes to be a catalyst for positive change and encourages all of us work for a sustainable future. How do we enhance existing livelihoods and create new possibilities while maintaining local ecological integrity and strengthening our welcoming, caring communities?

This gathering is co-sponsored by SuNNS and the North Shore Nova Scotia Chapter of the Council of Canadians. Mark your calendar for Sept. 15, 10:30 a.m., for “SustainABLE Futures – a Discussion” at the Grace Jollymore.

For more information, contact Wilf Bean at 902-657-0474.