Coming from a small community, it’s not a surprise that’s where I love to work. And now, that work brings me here, as the new editor and marketing advisor of The Light.
Many of you may have already seen me around, if we haven’t already introduced ourselves. I plan on continuing that.

For more than 11 years, I’ve reported on news at four different publications – a weekly in both Windsor, N.S., and Deer Lake, NL., as well as dailies in Amherst and, most recently, in Truro. The people in the communities are what drives me.

It wasn’t long before I heard how amazing the people of Tatamagouche are. I think it was actually my first interview for The Light. And it hasn’t been my last. Almost every person I’ve talked to so far has mentioned how great the residents in the area are, and I truly believe that.

I’m looking forward to bringing those stories – positive and yes, some not so positive – to light each month, but I can’t do it without your help. I want to know about you. I want to know what’s going on in the community. I want to know the ins and the outs.

Small communities succeed because of the people, and Tatamagouche, I believe, is no different.

Will it be a bit of a learning curve for me? Absolutely, and I hope you’ll have patience as I transition into the world of the monthly publications. It’s a big change, going from a daily publication to a monthly, but I’m looking forward to what that will allow. It will allow me to delve deeper into personalities for features and the reasons why people do what they do. It will allow me to be a bigger voice to those who may not have the means to do so. That’s what I love about being a journalist – telling people’s stories, their stresses, their successes.

I believe newspapers, such as The Light, belong in the community and I want to bring it back to where it belongs – to you, the readers.

While I will have the opportunity to get to know you through my profession, maybe you want to know a little bit about me. I grew up in Brooklyn, Hants Co., a community of 800 people. My mother was an elementary school teacher, my father a salesman.

After high school, I wanted to become a photographer. I enrolled at community college in Halifax in an applied communications course. It had a little bit of everything – photography, illustration, graphic design, and communications. From there, a photography course was next for a year, before heading to Belleville, Ont., for two years of photojournalism.

I love taking photos – I want to show people the way I see life.

So that’s a little bit about me. I would love to hear from you – your thoughts on what you envision for The Light, or don’t envision. I’ve gotten some feedback from many people already, and I would love to hear more.

I also want to know what’s going on, where, and when. I’d love for you to stop me in the street to say hello, call me or shoot off an email. Have any story ideas? Bring them to my attention. Have tips to pass along? Let me know and I’ll follow up on those tips to get whatever information I can.

Currently, the lovely ladies at AA Munro Insurance have office space The Light has been able to utilize. I’m not there every day, but I’d love for you to visit.

To reach me, and to find out when I’ll be in the office, email, or call me at 902-305-6177. My door is always open.

Raissa Tetanish