Having heard from a number of people about not knowing what’s available in the area, the Pugwash and Area Community Health Board is bringing together programs and services for an active and healthy lifestyle.

“I think there are a lot of programs available in the community that people are not aware of,” said Judy Brogan, the chairwoman of the Pugwash and Area Community Health Board (CHB). “That’s one of the primary reasons we wanted to host this event. Bring them all together for people to see what’s here, and then they can make any decisions.”

On Feb. 23, the CHB event will promote healthy lifestyles and ensure a supportive environment exists in the north-east sector of Cumberland County. The event also links to the goals of increased mental wellness and community engagement. Keynote speakers are also lined up for the event – Bill Schurman, the director of recreation for the Town of Amherst; Peter McCracken, the regional manager for Communities, Sport and Recreation, a division of the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage; and Janine DeWitt, Eleanor Eville, and Dot Pal, from Getting Healthy Cumberland.

“We know there are people in the community that have great knowledge of living healthier and active. There are a lot of good things happening in Pugwash and the rest of the area,” said Brogan.

Along with the keynote speakers, several groups will be on hand to share information on various active living and healthy lifestyle choices. Representatives will be on hand with information regarding the Pugwash Estuary trails, Nordic walking, Tai Chi, mindfulness, Grow NS, as well as an alternative food preparation demonstration.

Schurman will talk about the benefits of physical activity, as well as the work he has lead in Amherst in their pursuit of being the healthiest and most active community in the province. He will show visitors the same result can be achieved in Pugwash.

McCracken will discuss ‘Let’s Get Moving’, the province’s new action plan for physical activity.

DeWitt, Eville, and Pal will share information on food security and healthy eating, as well as highlight the benefits of shopping local.

Brogan said the CHB has been getting their message out there about the event through as many means as possible, including posters in the community and social media.

“It would be absolutely wonderful to have 100 people attend,” she said.

Residents of Pugwash and surrounding communities are encouraged to attend the event. The organizing committee will serve light snacks and refreshments, and visitors will have a chance to walk away with door prizes.

The event runs from 10 a.m. to noon, Feb. 23, at the St. Thomas More Church Hall in Pugwash.

About the Pugwash and Area Community Health Board

The Community Health Plan for Cumberland County guides the day-to-day work of the CHB. The plan, which has four priorities, is used by this CHB and two others in Cumberland County when developing and promoting health initiatives. The priorities are:

  • Increased economic well being
  • Increased mental wellness and sense of belonging
  • Increased healthy lifestyles and supportive environments
  • Increased community engagement and positive relationships