Bob MacLean, president of the Wentworth Recreation Centre, keeps busy with the help of his executive and volunteers, making Wentworth a caring and friendly community. Hope Bridgewater photo

The Wentworth Recreation Centre strives to promote a healthy economic and cultural environment in the community.

Recently a new program was introduced called Winter Walking. Snow, ice, and traffic on roads may hinder your exercise, so try the Winter Walking program at the large hall of the recreation centre on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. During the other seasons it will be called Walking and Talking.

Like to play Auction 45’s as people have done since 1511 in Scotland with rules written down in 1576 and later brought to Eastern Canada by early settlers? We play Auction 45’s every Monday evening.

Like to play Bingo as folks do every Thursday evening? Lots of fun.

What about yoga on Monday and Thursday afternoon since people have done yoga since the sixth century BC in India and made popular in the West during the 20th century? Lots of exercise.

Like to join a senior club for people aged 50+ as people do in Nova Scotia at many clubs? Games happen at Wentworth Pioneers on the second and fourth Friday evenings. Resolutions of senior concerns sent to the Federation of Senior Citizens and Pensioners have had results.

Like to dance? Musical afternoons are on the last Sunday of each month (except December) and feature old-time Down East music. Dancing is lots of fun, but also one of the best forms of exercise as this pamphlet says: “It makes your mind sharper, your body slimmer, and your spirit more resilient. Yes, dear reader, you should be dancing.”

A special program was held Feb. 10 with Ruthie Patriquin, executive director, Sexual Health Centre for Cumberland County, a registered charity. Patriquin talked about promoting sexual health during the lifespan. This program was co-sponsored by the Wentworth Recreation Centre and the Wentworth Learning Centre.

We welcome folks who like to join us in Wentworth. 


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