Thursday, February 22, 2018

Stranded travellers

Dear Editor, On Saturday, July 18, my family and I broke down with my truck and camper at the intersection of Brule Road and Route 6 on the way to P.E.I. I called Captain Hook...

A warm welcome three decades ago

To the Editor: Re: Tell your story, published February, 2017   My family arrived in Balfron from Holland almost 30 years ago, on Friday, Aug. 10, 1987. Adrian and I had bought the old Lenny Burris farm. At...

Important recognition

To the editor;   Re: Tell your story, published Feb. 2017   It was in 1966 that I left Tatamagouche Mountain with the intention of building a new life free from my past. Now, 50 years later, I realize...

Tell your story

To the editor;   I read your article in The Light (December edition) in regards to people living in the area we don’t really know and that reminded me of the time I attended the graduation...

Standing up for libraries

To the Editor:   We talk about education and health care but our libraries are also vital community institutions that are under threat. Together we must stand up for them. During the run up to the provincial...

Government can help prepare your home for winter

To The Light, It’s that time of year when many of us are thinking ahead to the winter season and that means, among other things, preparing our homes for the cold weather. One of the...

Many complexities in classrooms

To the editor; As conversation in the public continues around the potential of a teachers strike, it is important to speak to all Nova Scotians, especially students, parents, teachers and all who will be impacted...

Rural broadband improvement placed on Ottawa’s agenda

To The Light, On Oct. 31 I rose in the House of Commons to urge the federal government to share details on its rural broadband expansion plans. I receive regular updates from communities up and down...
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