Monday, December 11, 2017

View from the mountaintop

We’re halfway through winter, but some may not believe it when looking outside. True, we’ve been lucky so far this winter (sorry, I’m sure I just jinxed it), but that always isn’t the case. And travelling...

Tell your story

To the editor;   I read your article in The Light (December edition) in regards to people living in the area we don’t really know and that reminded me of the time I attended the graduation...

Capturing the spirit of the season

You’d be hard pressed to find someone in the Tatamagouche area who hasn’t heard of Bruce in the Spruce. He may have headed back to the North Pole two days before Christmas, but the impression...

A new beginning

Coming from a small community, it’s not a surprise that’s where I love to work. And now, that work brings me here, as the new editor and marketing advisor of The Light. Many of you...

Many complexities in classrooms

To the editor; As conversation in the public continues around the potential of a teachers strike, it is important to speak to all Nova Scotians, especially students, parents, teachers and all who will be impacted...

Rural broadband improvement placed on Ottawa’s agenda

To The Light, On Oct. 31 I rose in the House of Commons to urge the federal government to share details on its rural broadband expansion plans. I receive regular updates from communities up and down...

Government can help prepare your home for winter

To The Light, It’s that time of year when many of us are thinking ahead to the winter season and that means, among other things, preparing our homes for the cold weather. One of the...

Playground antics

We all know it. We’d be lying if we said we agreed with everything our government did. Whether you voted for a party in power or not, no one would ever claim they were...
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