From one week to the next, the economic landscape in the village can look completely different.

And that’s a positive thing.

Over the past six months, there have been businesses after businesses making a move to be part of Tatamagouche. Why? The opportunity is there and continuously growing.

For such a small village, it is delightful to see who is bringing their services to the area. From a new tattoo shop to a butcher, there really is no shortage of unique businesses, especially on Main Street.

While many communities are seeing a decline in population, Tatamagouche is a bustling spot, with many wanting to be in the area.

And they should.

The support that can be found in the village amongst business owners, employees and residents is second-to-none, with people always stepping up to lend a hand wherever possible.

Businesses support other businesses, organizations support organizations, which in turn goes back into the community, making it stronger than it was the day before.

For a small community to survive, the support needs to be at the forefront and it certainly is along the North Shore.

On a very regular basis, you can walk into almost any business and find support on display, whether it’s a barbecue for a non-profit, or an anniversary celebration with proceeds going to another.

The spirit in the village is high, contributing to the success. Keep that going and the village will thrive.