Rich Pridham and his wife, Andrea, are seeing success in their new venture, Taco Gringo, which is bringing a taste of Mexico to Main Street. Raissa Tetanish photo

A taste of Mexico is getting some attention in Tatamagouche.

Rich Pridham and his wife, Andrea, have been serving up tacos, nachos, and the infamous gringo sauce since the beginning of May at Taco Gringo on Main Street.

“I’m pumped about this summer,” Pridham said about his customers.

The couple had been living in Puerto Pensaco, Mexico, for about eight months before moving to Tatamagouche in August.

“We had made arrangements to purchase a bar on the beach (in Mexico), but we lost the lease there,” explained Pridham. “We didn’t want to force something else just because we were in Mexico.”
With Pridham’s parents wanting the couple to come to the North Shore, they finally did while knowing they wanted a restaurant at some point.

The couple purchased the old Dino Wagon and started doing some upgrades to the equipment inside the stationary food truck. In the seating area outside, a new roof was added, along with windows and lights.

“It’s a good spot here. It feels like a Mexican canteen. This is perfect size and we’re just booming along. We like that we’re outside and have the patio where people can enjoy some food.”

Pridham says Andrea is the one who perfected the recipes available at Taco Gringo, except for the signature gringo sauce, which he claims as all his, while laughing.

“She’s a fantastic cook and locked down all the recipes.”

For Pridham, the biggest thing is the food available. He doesn’t want to “knock anyone”, but says there aren’t enough different options.

“We really like that there’s another food truck – Route 6. And then there’s Dexter’s (butcher block) and Tata Brew…we like that people are bringing something new. We want to end up with a destination point.”

The business owner said while there are options popping up recently, he doesn’t view it as competition.

“We had a couple who came here from Moncton just for the fries,” he said, adding someone had seen a picture on Tatamagouche Brewing Company’s Facebook page of the fries. Taco Gringo was tagged in the photo.

“They made the trip for the fries. They came here, then went to Tata Brew, then came back here to eat. That’s fantastic. I think it’s great if more and more change comes to town.”

With 20 years’ experience in the food and beverage industry, including night clubs, the Pridhams wanted to offer something different.

“Where we were in Mexico, the majority of the clients are American. There’s not very many traditional Mexican restaurants there. We wanted to mix that with what we knew would work here,” he said.

Thanks to Pridham’s brother, Matthew, the Taco Gringo logo was born and catches the eye of many passersby. One of those travelling Main Street had to stop in – he looked much like the skull logo all thanks to his mustache.

Soon, the Pridhams will be offering clothing with the logo, and they’ve teamed up with Dexter’s to utilize their hot dogs to create gringo and nacho dogs.