The Wallace River Golf Course is now open to the public. Ron and Al Weeks opened the course first for friends and family, but kept expanding over the years and are now open for business. Ian Murray photo

After a 16-year development period, Ron and Al Weeks have opened a nine-hole golf course to the public.

The course in Wallace River started out as a family project, as a few golf holes that friends and family could enjoy. But one thing led to another, and the Weekses kept working on their little dream. Year after year, they kept clearing land on the shores of the picturesque Wallace River, between Amherst and Tatamagouche.

“Never did I dream, in the beginning, that it would lead to this” said Ron, owner of the course. “My son, Al, and I have worked hard to develop this course, and it’s a real thrill now to see people coming out and enjoying their round of golf, and enjoying what we have done.

“I’m very proud of what our family has accomplished.”

More information on the golf course can be found online at