The smiles and laughter were constant, even while they were stuck upside down, legs straight up in the air.

More than a dozen children, and even some adults, spent some time with Craig Hayman and Jennifer Tattrie, owners of Got Bobbled now in Tatamagouche.

“It’s very fun,” said 12-year-old Julia Cameron, of the inflatable ball that allows a person to float on water. “It’s cool not getting wet when you’re inside of it.”

For her 10-year-old friend Lucy Fulmore, it was the bubble soccer she loved the best – an inflatable that goes around the body, protecting the face and almost the entire body surface.

“It’s fun to knock people over and bounce around, and go upside down,” she said.

Along with the water bobbles and bubble soccer, Got Bobbled also features a 20-foot high inflatable slide.

The couple purchased the business from its former owner in Prince Edward Island.

“We were trying to think of a job for our son, Tucker, who is 17,” said Hayman. “We wanted something unique and different.”

The family had visited Cavendish previously and the couple’s daughter, Brooklynn, loved the huge water bobble station.

“But we couldn’t find any place that had them in Nova Scotia,” Hayman noted.

The couple contacted the owners on the island to see about opening a franchise, however learned the owners were interested in selling. They didn’t realize the company included the slide and bubble soccer.

Throughout the summer, the water bobbles will be set up at the Tatamagouche Grain Elevator, opening over the long weekend in May.

The other attractions, including another water bobble feature, will be available for rentals, which could include birthday parties, or stag or stagette parties.

They can also be used as fundraising options for non-profit organizations.

“We want to do a lot for our community. We want to give back. We love seeing this – the smiles – and hearing the laughter,” said Hayman.

“We’ve booked a Grade 12 class fundraiser already,” said Tattrie. “Next year, the Grade 12 class is going to Costa Rica, so they’re having a soccer bobble tournament. A large portion of the proceeds will go to the class for their trip.”

Got Bobble will also be part of Pugwash Harbour Fest, running June 30 to July 2, as well as River John Festival Days July 26 to 28.

For Julia and Lucy, as well as 13-year-old Maddy Lepper, they hope to get their water bobble on over the summer at the grain elevator.

“It’s a fun thing to do in the summer,” said Maddy. “There’s not many fun things kids can do in Tatamagouche in the summer.”

And while the idea was to get Tucker working, he may not be available to work at Got Bobbled.

“The two kids then decided to buy an ice cream shop on Main Street,” laughed Tattrie. “T&B Ice Cream. They’re also opening on the long weekend of May.”

Bubble soccer, along with water bobbles and an inflatable slide, can be used for private rentals or as fundraisers for non-profit organizations.
Raissa Tetanish photo