If a piece of land can be secured, the village of Tatamagouche could soon see a skate park constructed.

Kelly Tucker and Tyler Baird have been a driving force of late in the possibility of a skate park, which they would love to see in place by next summer.

“Right now, we’ve approached the school board to see if we can purchase, rent or even lease the parcel of land next to the library,” said Tucker. “What we’ve learned from others who have helped build skate parks is that the land must be visible for safety reasons. The police station is right there and it is lit all the way up the street. That would be the prime spot.”

Tucker said the idea was floated around a few years ago, but nothing ever came to fruition. There’s been talk in the community about such a facility lately, and Tucker, the president of the North Shore Recreation Centre, wanted to bring in a mobile skate park.

“It had been tried before, but no one showed up,” she said. “I felt it was time to bring it back. But I told the youth if they wanted a skate park here, they needed to come.”

For six weeks beginning late in the spring, the skate park was brought to the village and Tucker said it was full every day it was open.

At a recent meeting regarding the possibility of a skate park here, close to 15 youth were in attendance, with about 40 people total.

“It was awesome, and even afterward the messages and emails both Tyler and I had received,” she said.

A Facebook page has been started for anyone interested in the project, and can be found by searching for ‘Tatamagouche Skate Park Association.’

“This is such a great activity, especially for kids who might not be as sporty. It’s a great alternative, and it’s a cheaper alternative,” said Tucker.

“It’s a great thing for them to do after school.”

She said many youth in the community have spoken about going to New Glasgow and Oxford to use the facilities there, whether being with a skateboard or bicycle.

For now, forms are being filled out to form an association and registry of joint stocks to be able to apply for funding. Once those are in place, funding applications will be made to the government levels, granted land has been secured.

Tucker estimates the project will cost between $100,000 and $120,000.