To the editor;


Re: Tell your story, published Feb. 2017


It was in 1966 that I left Tatamagouche Mountain with the intention of building a new life free from my past. Now, 50 years later, I realize how many people had contributed to my life before that and affected my behaviour for years to come.

Now that I am old, I am more aware of gratitude and what is important now. Without the influence and support of these people, who knows how I would have performed in my future life?

A well-deserved thank you goes to:

         Dora (Waugh) Reid, my first teacher at Balfron School.

         Mary and Howard Murray and the people of Earltown who supported me when I was the teacher there.

– Sylvia Ross, the Junior High teacher who helped me with my speech impediment.

– W. KIine Langille, my Senior High English teacher.

– Tatamagouche local of the Nova Scotia Teachers’ Union which gave me a bursary for university.

– Jennie Mingo, my cousin and friend who supported me in all types of difficulties.

– Jean MacDonald, the teacher who taught me how to type. 


Murray Baillie,

Miramichi, N.B.