*note: the deadline for proposals has been amended to Sept. 30.

Instigate Art has announced a new round of funding for pilot projects that create art opportunities and experiences for the youth of the North Shore.

Any arts: visual arts, music, drama, writing…you name it, Instigate Art creators are interested in hearing your proposal.

Instigate Art was created in 2015 to further the goal of creating a vibrant youth art culture on the North Shore. It looked for, and found, people who were willing to invest in both the youth and the vibrancy of rural communities – people who were willing to make a donation of $100/year, half of which goes to support Writing on Fire, and half to supports these pilot projects.

Last year, two proposals were chosen – Rocking the Boat, which helped the startup of a boat being constructed for the new high school, and Arts at the Fraser, which included a printmaking workshop and a clay workshop.

This year’s applications are due Sept. 30. Anyone interested in applying, or with questions as to the process, can contact Norene Smiley, Helen Castonguay, or Rita Wilson directly, or email