Esther MacKenzie, left, and Frances Weatherbee, with the North Shore Community Development Association at the association’s launch of their two new books featuring the North Shore. Kristin Hirtle photo

New books featuring the North Shore are gaining traction this summer.

The North Shore Community Development Association has created the books – ‘Hidden Gems’ and ‘It’s A Shore Thing!’ colouring book.

Linda Byers, with the association, said the reception of both books has gone over well so far.

“We’ve sold books that have gone to Japan and out west,” she said. “People are buying them and sending them to people who lived here originally.”

The books were launched at a special celebration at the Fraser Cultural Centre just days before Father’s Day. The colouring book features submissions from people, including artists such as Lyndia Baird-Wellwood, who also had an exhibit at the centre at the same time.

When it comes to the books, Byers said the members of the association wanted to use the books as a way to promote the area.

“We felt it was a manageable project for us. The committee used a lot of the works of (American tourism consultant) Roger Brooks and his four times rule,” she explained.

The rule, Byers said, says that for every one hour of driving to a destination should have four hours of activities. If the drive is two hours for example, it should have up to eight hours of activity.

“We wanted to make sure there were lots of things to do, so we included from Tidnish (Cumberland County) to Pictou. People may come and stay longer is they know there’s lots to see and do in the area.”

The book also features other areas such as Earltown and Wentworth, “as they offer another range of activities different from the shore. They help make us more year-round.”

The book committee started last autumn on the project, and finished around the beginning of June. They knew they wanted to include “active” things, or recreational things.

“It’s nice to have things to look at, but we have a lot of recreational activities around here that aren’t as well-known as some places, like our (Trans Canada) trail. That is a wonderful gem for this area and a lot of people aren’t aware of it.”

Byers said the Hidden Gems feature is very much a resource, especially those visiting the area.

“It’s great for places like B&Bs, or others that have accommodations, to have one or two on hand so people can explore many of these things,” said Byers.

The colouring book came about as a fun project, as adult colouring books have become popular over the past couple of years.

“We saw so many adult colouring books out there, but none focused on the North Shore, which is what we do,” she said. “We thought this would be fun for the whole family, especially if you’re at the cottage. There’s an opportunity for people to journal in it as well.”

Byers said the committee was pleased with the number of submissions received for the colouring book, and admits it has more mileage on it than the Hidden Gems in terms of postage, seeing how it costs only a few dollars to have it mailed to someone.

The Hidden Gems books are $20 each, with the colouring book available for $15.

Both can be purchased at a variety of places – Jack and Ella’s in Tatamagouche, the River John Museum, Earltown General Store, Lismore Sheep Farm, Seafoam Lavender Farm, Malagash Museum, Wallace Rite Stop, Tatamagouche Road Train Station, and the Creamery Square.

Hidden Gems is also available at R.W. O’Brien’s Drug Store in Pugwash, as well as the Wallace and Area Museum.


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