Bruce in the Spruce is back in Tatamagouche, making his debut the evening of Dec. 1. Raissa Tetanish photo

Bruce in the Spruce has made his way back to Tatamagouche from the North Pole.

Bruce, the lovable elf who visited area businesses last Christmas, is making his debut on Dec. 1.

“It was so relaxing,” Bruce said, about the last 11 months at the North Pole and on vacation in Morocco. “I got to hang with all my friends, all my elf friends. And I helped Santa eat all the cookies, to ensure he fits into his Christmas garb this year.”

When Bruce left the village last Christmas, he made a detour to a sunny destination – Morocco – however it wasn’t what he expected.

“I tried it, but it was just too hot,” he said.

Making his return to Tatamagouche is an exciting one for Bruce, who can’t wait to visit with his old friends, while making new ones. He’ll be visiting area businesses again, with a home base of Jack and Ella’s on Main Street. When he’s not on his travels throughout the community, visitors can see him at the store.

While he wants to stay with his local friends until Christmas, Bruce will be needed back at the North Pole, last visiting the village on Dec. 22.

“It was a tight squeeze for me to get back on time last year, so I need to leave earlier,” he said, adding his train leaves Dec. 23 to return to Santa’s Village.