Nova Scotia NDP.

The provincial NDP candidate for Colchester North will be chosen this month.

The Nova Scotia NDP will hold the nomination meeting Jan. 17 at 7 p.m. at Valley Elementary School. It is open to the public. Two candidates have put their name forth for the NDP – James Finnie, president of the Colchester Highland Games and Gathering Society, and Corey Matheson, the community development event co-ordinator with Canadian Blood Services.

The chosen candidate will run against incumbent Karen Casey, the current minister of Education and Early Childhood Development in the McNeil Liberal government

There will be three guest speakers at the nomination meeting, including Nova Scotia NDP leader Gary Burrill. Lenore Zann, the MLA for Truro-Bible Hill-Millbrook-Salmon River will also speak, as will Nova Scotia Federation of Labour president Danny Cavanagh.

“In this election, the record of the McNeil government will be up for evaluation,” said Burrill in a press release. “In Colchester North, their profound disrespect towards teachers will be on the top of many people’s minds.”

“As Critic for Education, I can say Karen Casey has let many of her constituents down, and the people of Nova Scotia deserve better,” said Zann. “It’s time for a change, and the NDP can deliver that change.”