The Lockerby Memorial Cemetery in Tatamagouche.

No charges are warranted against three police officers involved in the shooting of a man in Tatamagouche last year, according to the province’s Serious Incident Response Team (SiRT).

Felix Cacchione, the director of SiRT, released his findings on May 22 from the incident occurring September 2017.

Shortly before midnight on Sept. 17, the Colchester District RCMP were investigating a homicide in Bayhead. While doing so, members of the RCMP engaged a vehicle in the area they suspected as being operated by a person sought in relation to the homicide investigation. 

The operator of that vehicle failed to stop for RCMP and led them on a pursuit, which ended when the operator drove into the Lockerby Memorial Cemetery and took up a position at the edge of the property. 

Officers verbally engaged with the individual for several hours in attempts to have him surrender, however shortly prior to 7 a.m. gunfire was exchanged, and the suspect was wounded by the RCMP officers. 

This SiRT investigation has led to the conclusion there are no grounds to pursue charges against any of the officers. However, as the matter of the initial investigation into the homicide is now before the courts and in accordance with SiRT policy, the report does not discuss the facts of the matter in any further detail. To do otherwise might compromise the fair trial interests of the accused. 

The Serious Incident Response Team Regulations under the Police Act state that the director may choose to provide a supplemental summary of the investigation at the conclusion of the prosecution.  

A complete copy of the report is available at