We all know it. We’d be lying if we said we agreed with everything our government did. Whether you voted for a party in power or not, no one would ever claim they were 100 per cent content with the actions of said party.

It’s also true, or has become true, that the term “campaign promises” can be held synonymous with false promises. With the best will in the world, a promise or idea touted on a campaign trail can end up being anything from simply naive to an outright lie.
We can’t alter what leaders said or did in any situation. What we can do, if we feel disenfranchised or, worse, outright used and lied to, is open a dialogue with those leaders, those parties and their representatives, and put forth our idea for change. Let our displeasure and disappointment be known and, overall, be willing to make efforts to listen, engage and make tangible efforts towards altering that which we feel didn’t meet the level we were promised.

So, when members of the crowd at a young workers summit recently heckled, shouted at and turned their backs on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as he tried to talk to and discuss with them such items as the Trans Pacific Pipeline, they weren’t standing up for their beliefs or making steps towards any type of resolution to their yes-legitimate-issues. Rather, they behaved like ill mannered, petulant children who were one step short of throwing their dollies out of their prams.

The general gist of “you turned your back on us, so we’ll turn our backs on you” is the same as smacking the kid who smacked you in the playground. It’s immature, ineffective and doesn’t, in any manner, make the point you’re attempting (poorly) to make. Did they have valid points about the federal pay system, pipelines and so on? Most certainly. But to simply act out in a nothing short of capricious manner? Ultimately, nothing is gained.
What they have managed to achieve is to take away from their actual issues. The focus of the summit became their behaviour. Instead of putting Trudeau on the firing line and making him answer for what they see as his failed promises, they simply gave him the high ground and shifted the focus in the wrong direction.
Krisi Marples