To the Editor;

My wife and I are writing to express our heartfelt gratitude regarding our first visit to Nova Scotia from the United States.

Our visit, meant as a celebration of 30 years of marriage, started in Halifax and continued to great places such as Sydney, Glace Bay, the Cabot Trail, and (for us) most notably, Tatamagouche. Our visit to your community included a very pleasant evening at Open Mic night at the Grace Jollymore Joyce Arts Centre, a very fun evening at Big Al’s with the group Route 6, the farmers’ market, the Fraser Cultural Centre, and some of the great restaurants, including the Tatamagouche Brewing Co.

For both employment purposes and leisure, I’ve traveled across the globe, including Japan, Germany, Austria, Italy, and numerous places around the U.S. My wife and I discussed our experiences while in your great province, and settled on one thing that made the trip so enjoyable, that being the people.

Everywhere we traveled, we always felt welcome and although strangers (yes – “tourists”), there was always a smile and a welcoming attitude that only left us smiling in return.

To the Tatamagouche community, we wish to express our deep gratitude for a visit that will remain a fond memory for years to come. Oh yes, to the guys of Route 6, really wishing we had more than a few videos of you playing stored on our phones.  Thanks for a great evening.

So long, Tatamagouche (meaning = it will only be so long until we visit again).



Rick and Karla Noorlag

Rosedale, Indiana