Dear Editor,

On Saturday, July 18, my family and I broke down with my truck and camper at the intersection of Brule Road and Route 6 on the way to P.E.I. I called Captain Hook Auto Rescue, unfortunately he was unavailable but sent a mechanic who works for Barrachois Inc. In the meantime, a nice gentleman named Syd Boyce stopped to see if we needed help. He waited with us until the mechanic arrived and then left. The mechanic arrived with his family and checked over the truck and determined it was my fuel pump that needed changing. He couldn’t help us any further since it was now 5 p.m. and apologetically left. Mr. Boyce was concerned about our welfare and returned. We began discussing my options and he called Sunset Watch Family Campground in Brule Point and told them to send someone to come and get us. David Goodwin and Gary Irving arrived to tow us back to their campground. They found a spot for us even though their campground was full for the weekend and told me to relax since there was nothing I could do until Monday morning.  Sunday afternoon, they set us up on a beautiful beachfront site for the remainder of our stay. To my surprise, Mr. Boyce dropped in for a visit to see how we were doing and told me he would be back Monday morning to drive me to the garage. We went to Barrachois Inc. and they rearranged their schedule to fit me in that Monday afternoon. Captain Hook Auto Rescue promptly towed my truck to the garage for me. That afternoon David Goodwin took my wife into town so she could get groceries.

A special thanks to Jason and Elizabeth Forbes who helped us with information and kept our spirits up.

We would like to thank the above mentioned people from the Tatamagouche area for all their kindness and hospitality. They made our bad luck turn into an enjoyable experience.

With regards,

Scott, Wendy, Bradley & Bruce Daignault

Sherbrooke, Quebec