Tatamagouche Elementary School has been purchased by Tata Holdings Inc. The future plans for the building have not yet been announced. Raissa Tetanish photo

Less than a year after a new school opened to students, the former Tatamagouche Elementary School has been sold.

According to the tender on the Nova Scotia government’s website, Tata Holdings Inc. made the purchase on Dec. 20, 2018.

Alan McNutt is listed as the president of the company on the Registry of Joint Stock Companies, with Christopher Stoker noted as a director.

McNutt confirmed the purchase of the school, however declined to discuss any possible plans for the facility just yet. He’s hoping to announce plans in the near future.

With Tatamagouche Regional Academy opening for students in grades Primary through 12 this past September, the former elementary school had been sitting vacant.

The Central-Chignecto Regional Centre for Education had offered the school to the Municipality of Colchester County to assume ownership, however county council decided to decline the offer based on the decision there was little to no interest by community groups in the building. With the county declining the offer, the centre for education placed the school for purchase shortly after the new school opened.