Joan Baxter stands in front of the pulp mill on the Abercrombie side of Pictou Harbour. Steve Goodwin photo

Joan Baxter, an author living in Tatamagouche, walked away with a 2018 Atlantic Book Award.

Baxter was one of 13 award winners announced. Her latest published book The Mill:  Fifty Years of Pulp and Protest won the Atlantic Book Award for Scholarly Writing.

The book features information on Northern Pulp, based out of Pictou County, such as newspaper articles, work by citizens and activists who researched and documented the issues and those who loaned their scrapbooks and photo collections.


In an interview with the Pictou Advocate late last year, Baxter said governments have not done their duty to protect citizens – including those she talked to – from the air and water pollution the mill has generated.

“I interviewed people who have been protesting since it opened,” she said. “It’s amazing how many people were involved over the years. I’m fascinated with the non-violent, non-confrontational way they have protested. They don’t want the mill closed. They want it cleaned up and I wanted to give them voice. There have been protests through successive governments that let them down. It doesn’t matter what government is in power. They all caved and they failed to protect us.”