Books have been for sale at the Canada Post office in Tatamagouche for the past six years, with money raised going to support programs through the Canada Post Community Foundation. Since it began in Tatamagouche, the book sales have raised $17,000. Submitted photo

Hazel Canfield, a term employee at Canada Post, has created a veritable hub for book lovers in a prominent corner of the Tatamagouche post office.

Her well-kept book table is a place for locals and visitors alike to buy books and to donate ones they have read.

Since its kick-off six short years ago, book sales have raised $17,000. All of this money has been donated to the Canada Post Community Foundation, which is dedicated to funding community-based organizations that are seeking to improve the lives of children through access to healthy food, libraries, play areas, and enhancing support for special needs education.

“Hazel has really taken the reins in this project. She has done a lot with the project,” said Marlene Bonnyman, the acting postmaster.

The book table is a local example of how one person’s passion and energy to help others can make a difference in the lives of so many.

“I get a lot of joy out of the book table and getting positive feedback from my efforts,” said Canfield. She went on to add that, “it just makes me feel good to be part of it and to know how much money is being raised for children.”

Canfield loves reading so managing the book table is a good fit for her.

“When I have a good book, nothing else at home gets done,” she said.

Canfield looks at every donated book that comes into the post office. She examines them meticulously for condition and quality. Cookbooks, children’s books, thrillers, and literature are all extremely popular sellers.

“People from all over have commented on the quality of the books,” she noted.

Canfield spends considerable time scrounging for quality books. She often meets with groups in Truro that donate books to her table. The hospital auxiliary in Pugwash is another source that she accesses.

“It is sometimes a lot of work, but it’s also worthwhile,” she said.

Nancy Huszagh, a Tatamagouche resident, would agree. Huszagh often peruses the book table and is always impressed by what she sees.

“I like good quality books, especially mysteries and science fiction. This is a great way for people to pass on books that are in good shape and to buy ones that they are interested in reading,” she said.

Canfield tells many cool stories about the table. A little while ago a woman was looking for a book on the hermit of Gully Lake. It wasn’t available but Canfield kept her eyes peeled and sure enough, it appeared.

“When it came in I phoned her and she came in and picked it up,” she said.

Harlequin romance books are not big sellers so they are not stocked, but when some arrive, Canfield bundles them up and takes them to a person who enjoys them. On the other hand, westerns by Louis L’Amour and Zane Grey are very popular but difficult to come by. One time a lady from Texas donated 60 DVDs.

“They literally flew off the shelves,” Canfield said.

Through her enthusiastic fundraising work, Canfield is making a positive difference in the lives of children and she, along with the Canada Post Community Foundation, deserves our heartfelt thanks.

Applications from registered charities, school programs, and community organizations are invited to apply for funding of projects. Check out the Canada Post Community Foundation’s website for more information.