We’re halfway through winter, but some may not believe it when looking outside.

True, we’ve been lucky so far this winter (sorry, I’m sure I just jinxed it), but that always isn’t the case.

And travelling over Nuttby Mountain, one never knows what they’ll drive into.

Colchester County area councillor Mike Gregory is once again pushing to have a highway camera installed over the mountain, something he requested three years ago when first joining council. It didn’t happen then, but maybe it will now.

It can be a beautiful day in Truro, with the sun shining brightly in Tatamagouche. But when it comes to Nuttby, which I’ve heard has been dubbed ‘Nasty Nuttby’, that isn’t always the case in the wintertime.

I remember the first time I had to come to the North Shore – I was covering a federal funding announcement at the Creamery Square. It was only a few short months into my position – late 2011 or early 2012 – and I headed out on Highway 311.

I can’t remember exactly where I saw it, but as those wind turbines came into my view, I was definitely in awe seeing so many. I know I said ‘wow’ out loud on multiple occasions then, and I still enjoy the view now.

I can’t recall having to travel over the mountain too often over the past five winters, but I’ve had my fair share of road trips through Nuttby these last few months. Some days are beautiful for a drive, others…not so much.

The province has more than 50 cameras installed throughout its main highways – Gregory said at a recent council meeting he counted around 51 or 52. Their benefit? Allowing motorists to go online to see road and weather conditions. Who wouldn’t want to check things out before they hit the road, especially if it’s a voyage they absolutely have to make?

How many of us have gone out in the midst of a snowstorm when roads weren’t favourable? How many of us continued to our destinations? Or did you turn around? Winter in Nova Scotia can be treacherous and Gregory should be applauded for his push to have this particular highway camera installed. It’s one of the highest points in mainland Nova Scotia with some of the worst driving conditions.

If the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal wasn’t that concerned, they probably wouldn’t have installed those 10 or 12-foot poles along the mountain with reflective strips. Might I add, Gregory said those reflective strips weren’t even visible during one recent trip over Nuttby.

Here’s to hoping Gregory and council have their concerns heard and a camera soon installed. How many of you would utilize it? I certainly would.