Brent and Sara MacIsaac, of Dashboard Living. Submitted photo

“To provide inspirational travel experiences, showcasing our community, country and beyond with a focus on the people & cultures that make these places unique.”

Writing that mission statement was step one when we decided to start this travel blog and we had no idea how true that statement would ring as we embarked on what has been the beginning of an incredible journey together.

You already know the story of our 100 Days of Nova Scotia – but it’s what happened next that has really inspired us to truly chase our dreams. We had so many amazing experiences along the way but it was the people that truly touched us in a much more profound way than we could have ever expected.

Creating 100 videos in 100 days was something we knew would be hard; that was the point! We wanted to show you, our community, that we were in it for the long haul and that you can count on us to showcase our province and the people that make it special, in the best way we know how.

As we approached day 100 we were looking forward to a rest but the reality was much different.

Rather than being relieved our first project was completed we felt…well, kind of sad. We missed it.

We had become so incredibly proud of our home and so invested in the local businesses and places that make it special that within a couple of days we were ready to throw ourselves back in!

We both agree, the best part of those 100 days were the relationships we formed along the way with each community. The support we got, even before we had a lot of influence, was staggering.

Doors started opening for us! Our online community grew rapidly and we were being invited back to work with many of the same businesses and brands that we had featured, creating videos, photography, social media strategies and (our personal favourite) hosting giveaways online!

So what’s next? Our “Nova Scotia Winter Getaway Series” is underway and we’re working with seven local resorts including White Point Beach Resort, Irwin Lake Chalets, Tidal Bore Rafting Resort & Oceanstone Seaside Resort.

Our mission is to inspire people to use some of their vacation time right here in Nova Scotia and take advantage of our amazing winter during a time so many flee for warmer climates.

Our “Best of Nova Scotia” viewer’s choice restaurant series is taking us to eateries across the province and we’re working on our spring and summer schedule which will include celebrating Canada’s 150 and some other exciting projects! Everything we do on the blog is rooted in what our viewers and community have recommended which is what makes it so interesting and fun.

We’ve learned a lot since our first 100 days and we’ve been fortunate in our partnerships since then but our first priority remains unchanged; create travel videos that inspire others and appreciate the incredible opportunities our world has to offer.

We believe travel changes you. We believe it can have a profound impact on how we view the world and the people in it. We believe travel breeds love, acceptance, wonder, and curiosity and we believe those things can change the world for the better.

You can learn about our upcoming projects by visiting and, of course, come and hang out with us on Facebook for our weekly live show!